AB 2140 (Alejo and Eduardo Garcia and Roger Hernández and Thurmond): Income taxes: insurance tax: credits: low-income housing: farmworker housing assistance.

Bill Version:08/01/16
Location:Sen Appropriations
In committee: Held under submission. (08/11/16) [full history]
  • 08/01/16 - Senate Appropriations [opens in Word]
  • 06/17/16 - Senate Governance and Finance [opens in Word]
  • 06/01/16 - ASSEMBLY FLOOR ANALYSIS [opens in Word]
  • 05/23/16 - Assembly Appropriations [opens in Word]
  • 05/05/16 - Assembly Revenue and Taxation [opens in Word]
  • 03/28/16 - Assembly Housing and Community Development [opens in Word]
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